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The story of proving that 17 is the fewest number of clues a Sudoku can have

Mar 15, 2012 By Abraham

If you’re slightly nerdy or slightly into Sudoku, you may like this video. If you happen to be both, as I know many of you are, then I almost guarantee you’ll like it.

And an added bonus is how animated this guy’s face is…

(via MetaFilter)


  1. Carr says:

    Fascinating. Love numbers. I’m an accountant because of that. However, people failed to warn me that accounting requires mostly beginning algebra and much more law and organization.

    The best part of my work is when I get to be creative with my problem solving, like the time I wrote out a page-long proof to show my boss that he was wrong about the consequences of certain changes we needed to make on a schedule.

    The proof was fun. The cleaning up of the subsequent mess made by adjusting those numbers correctly … not so much.

  2. Angela says:

    Um, wow. Give that guy a PhD. He took something that could have taken 2 maybe 3 minutes and dragged it into nearly 9 minutes of my life wasted. And, another qualifier for modern higher education, he got his facts wrong, stating common belief as scientific fact. As a Sudoku fan, I can assure you that Sudoku was actually invented in the US, Chicago I believe. It did indeed become a fad after it took off and was renamed in Japan. So, incredible overstated incorrect facts recited in the most goofy manner. I wonder how many PhDs he already has.

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