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The Super Bowl halftime show reveals our inconsistent standards of decency

Feb 7, 2012 By Abraham

(via RedditTYWKIWDBI)


  1. WINNIE says:

    I was a little taken aback by the hip raising and I never saw the obscene gesture, as a matter of fact I saw the feed pixelate and I thought it was in response to the ladies in the aforementioned(expletive deleted)Me position. I guess they caught it after all.

  2. denise says:

    and apparently, until the “finger” incident, there are those who considered this family-friendly! i gotta say, though, it’s not much different than all the gyrating and provocative moves done by the sometimes indecently dressed cheerleaders. i know they’re supposed to be “eye candy” for the guys, but what about the children present? so, basically this performance fits right in with the NfL organization. maybe next year they can feature waitresses from hooters prancing about on stage. apparently, this establishment is also considered “family friendly”!!

    1. A says:

      Context is important here. Humping the sky to a fast-paced beat is very different from exhaling slowly into a single bridge and holding it.

  3. Animal says:

    It’s all subjective and how you interpret it.

    Americans are too uptight about this. You worship a sport that is based on violence and war-like strategies, but then you get offended by supposedly sexual innuendo and/or “the bird”.

    No wonder you Americans are so confused.

    1. Objection says:

      I don’t understand what you’re saying. What is subjective? Is your accusation that Americans are confused subjective? Is “the bird” subjective? Is being offended subjective? If all of these are subjective, what is your point? I’m assuming you have a more concrete solution to American confusion; that is, if the confusion is itself negative. Unless, of course, it’s just subjective and your post had no objective goal.

  4. WINNIE says:

    I’m just saying that nothing has really changed since the Janet wardrobe malfunction in 2003. We pretend that we are censoring things and then we don’t really. Yes, it does look like a yoga bridge, but at the same time it also looks like a hip thrust in my direction in the midst of a provocative dance. Either let things slide or ban the innuendo altogether.

    Personally I think the whole halftime show debacle should be done away with and let local high school bands perform. I’m sure that they could find a better use for the money than Madonna and company.

    1. Pedro7 says:

      Yoga is a spiritual thing. It is also personal. So, I feel that saying it is a Yoga Bridge is stretching thourings too far! Then almost everything is being stretched and perverted.

      The sign here in australia has one connotation o0nly and has nothing to do with family unless it is very disfunctional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I chat someone for a misdemanor, or see road rage then “that” is the only signal given! There can be more signals as well!

      AFL, well too much testosterone, WAY too much money and too much protection because of the name. Sadly most of the players have no self control off the field and are alaw unto themselves. The whole act needs to be cleaned up. But that will never happen with so many no-brainers following them.

      1. Damaia says:

        As an American who hates sports and doesn’t see what makes players so damn special…I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  5. Shamu says:

    I don’t know why the halftime show has to be so over the top anyway… It’s a football game… why does the entertainment industry have to be involved… I don’t get offended easily, and wasn’t offended by anything that happened this year… you allow a “gangsta” rapper, who has a history of giving gestures of shooting a gun… what do you expect… nikki minaj… what do you think her last name stands for?… Madonna hasn’t exactly been family friendly throughout her career… have you seen the video for LMFAO ‘s sexy and i know it video… and Cee-Lo’s big hit .. f@#$ You…. how much thought was put into the choices here… either take what you get or think a little bit harder..

  6. Whatever says:

    It’s free advertising for the entertainer. They don’t get paid, but the exposure is valued at about 85 million dollars.

  7. JoeS says:

    The gyrating is both indecent and on par with current television standards. What I don’t understand is why MIA thought flipping the bird was a good idea.

    I’m on stage at the biggest venue on TV with a pop icon. This is either the highlight of my career or a stepping stone into the mainstream; what’s not to be angry about? F You, America.

  8. brooke says:

    I missed both … must have been looking away. But I don’t know what’s inconsistent about my opinion of it … I think both are completely inappropriate.

  9. tabby says:

    wooowwww so its ok for the cheerleaders to dry hump the air but for M.I.A to flip off the camera its horrible huh what kind of rubish is that

  10. Amanda says:

    I think i’d much rather see someone flipping me off on tv than seeing some girls hump the air…i don’t feel offended about any of it i just think sex is being alittle TOO incorporated into things….

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