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The Surprising Satisfaction of Random Things Fitting Into Other Random Things

Feb 25, 2014 By Abraham

There is a certain personality type that will be thrilled to discover the site “Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things.” They post nothing but pictures of unrelated objects that just so happen to conjoin with the most unexpected and gratifying perfection.

Here are several examples…

Her shoes in his shoes

Things fitting into other things - 03

Thumbtack in a marker

Things fitting into other things - 10

Candied almonds in a shopping cart

Things fitting into other things - 01

Fast food box in a car’s dashboard compartment

Things fitting into other things - 02

Her ring in his ring

Things fitting into other things - 04


  1. LL says:

    Am I the only person grossed out by the sponge sitting in the sink? I’ve gotta wash my hands just looking at that bacteria fest.

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