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The TSA will allow you to bring small knives on planes again

Mar 6, 2013 By Abraham

The TSA is changing its Prohibited Items List. Certain kinds of little knives will be permitted in carry-ons again starting on April 25. Here are the new rules…

The TSA is also now allowing some previously prohibited sports equipment and novelty bats.


    1. Jennifer says:

      Seriously? Knives, but not shampoo? And later this month I know I will be stopped because of carrying breastmilk in a cooler for my newborn. Argh.

    1. Corban says:

      You know…during college I started carrying a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket, and in the years since I’ve found that I use it everyday.

      Those occasions that I have to go without it feel the same as not having my wallet, keys, or phone.

      1. Ian Osmond says:

        Honestly, if it was nice weather out and I was wearing boxers, I’d rather leave the house without my trousers than without my multitool. Except that my multitool lives on my belt which lives on my trousers, so it’s never actually a choice. But the point remains.

  1. Ian Osmond says:

    So they’re going to be allowing box cutters again, then?


    Anyone remember that all this tsuris and civil liberty curtailment was put in originally because of some people with box cutters? I mean, this just drives home the pointlessness of the TSA, doesn’t it?

    1. Corban says:

      I think box cutters would still be banned per the “locking or fixed blade” restriction.

      But yes…the TSA couldn’t be more pointless. Security theater is all they do.

  2. B says:

    Seems like they’re just going to get a lot of confused and frustrated people that they’re going to have to argue with and explain why one type of pocketknife is allowed, but another type isn’t. All those distinctions are too confusing to the general public. And I agree with whoever above said that it’s crazy we can allow pocketknives, but not shampoo. Lol. Although, I do get that you can’t blow up a plane with a pocketknife, while someone could do something dangerous with a big amount of certain dangerous liquids…but alas…TSA has us in its grasp!

  3. Scott says:

    So I guess they are counting on other passengers with knives to do something against crazy people with knives who may do something harmful? But we have to get rid of guns cause they kill people.

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