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All of the World’s Most Spectacular Homes Are Built by Animals

By Joey

In his new book Animal Architecture, wildlife photographer Ingo Anrdt shows off some of the world’s most incredible homes…and none of them are for humans. From insects to birds, these are a few of the most creative builders around…

Spinifex Termite — Northern Territory, Australia

These termites build towers over 20 feet tall, with each tower capable of housing 2-3 million termites…

Termite / Termiten

Carrier Shell — Tropical and Subtropical Ocean Floor

These remarkable snails use their shells as a base on which they cement pebbles, other shells, and debris to their own shell for additional protection from predators…

Load carrier snail

Weaver Ant — Northern Territory, Australia

Nests are built by the ants using their pincers to pull leaves together, then weaving them with silk threads from their larvae…

Green Tree Ant / Waeaver Ant / Weberameise

Weaver Ant

Vogelkop Gardener Bowerbird — Western New Guinea, Indonesia

Built by males, this bird’s home is called a bower, and anything colorful is used to decorate it in an attempt to attract mates…

Animal Architecture 3

European Red Wood Ant — Hessen, Germany

Though these ants are just 1 centimeter long, their homes are over six feet high and are built so tightly that water is unable to seep in…

Animal Architecture 4

Compass Termite — Australia

Not only are these termites’ homes nearly ten feet tall, they’re also built flat-sided with a north-south orientation and have a ventilation system to keep a steady temperature inside…

Animal Architecture 5

Compass Termite

Baya Weaver — Namibia

These birds construct homes with blades of fresh grass, enabling them to weave while the grass is still flexible before the sun hardens it and turns their small nest into a sturdy compound that can only be accessed through the “basement”…

Animal Architecture 6

Beutelmeise — Europe and Asia

The male bird builds these nests from cobwebs, seed wool, and plant fibers, hoping to attract a female who will lay 5-8 eggs inside…


Wasp — Worldwide

While common around the globe, this insect deserves a mention for its incredible paper pulp homes made from chewed, weathered wood…


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