10 Things That Movies and TV Don't Tell You About The Reality of Going to Jail | 22 Words

10 Things That Movies and TV Don’t Tell You About The Reality of Going to Jail

By Megan Burgess

Prison culture has always maintained a consistent presence in films and on television. How could it not? For most, the concept of serving time in prison is like trying to imagine living in an ulterior universe. And you know what? It pretty much is.

Hollywood tends to throw a funny filter on prison life for comedic purposes but the reality of life behind bars is far more complex and devastating than it is so often portrayed on the screen. While we can't always rely on Hollywood to provide us with an authentic account of our society's serious incarceration issues, we can always count on the Internet to delve into the darker sides of reality.

Here are 10 realities of prison culture that movies and television shows downplay, laugh off, or just completely ignore.


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