This Actor's Incredible Tweetstorm Dismantles the Notion of the 'Hollywood Elite' | 22 Words

This Actor’s Incredible Tweetstorm Dismantles the Notion of the ‘Hollywood Elite’

By Robin Zlotnick

Whenever an award show airs, as the Golden Globes did last night, Sunday, January 8, we hear criticism of the so-called "Hollywood elite," this supposed west coast well of rich Americans who live in a bubble that includes self-congratulatory parties and doing very little work for large sums of money. Last night, several actors, including the indomitable Meryl Streep, used their speeches to speak out against the current state of affairs, and specifically, against Donald Trump. And, as expected, Trump supporters and Hollywood critics jumped at the opportunity to attack the "Hollywood elite" and victimize themselves. Well, one actor who you may know just had enough.


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