This Clever Website Helps Santa 'Find' Children of Divorced Parents | 22 Words

This Clever Website Helps Santa ‘Find’ Children of Divorced Parents

By Abi Travis

It's not easy being Santa. A lot of people think it's just a one-day-a-year sort of thing, but Santa has work to do all year-round! There's keeping up with Naughty and Nice lists, making all those toys, and don't even get us started on all the work it is to take care of reindeer!

Of course, as hard as Santa works, he's got nothing on parents. Their jobs are tons of work 24/7/365 — and there's so much pressure surrounding them during the holiday season. There's the gift buying, the gift building (only to give Santa credit for the gifts! Where's the fairness in that?),  the elf-on-the-shelf-arranging, and the 198,309,825 other things that come along with celebrating the holidays with their kids.

For parents who have chosen to separate or divorce, the holiday season often comes with additional challenges. How do you explain to your kids that Santa will be able to visit them at both houses? Luckily, someone saw that need and decided to solve it with a clever website.


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