This guy is very excited to meet the president.

May 11, 2011 | By Abraham | 78 comments

So… What should the caption be?

(via Best Week Ever)

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  1. Deanna says:

    The RNC’s newest political espionage weapon: limp-wristed vampire spies. They don’t exactly blend in with the crowd, do they?

  2. marko says:

    Gay!,, And the president knows it, Obama’s got that “just smile and be polite dialog, going on in his inner head,Altho he’s thinking this guy is freaking out, I hope security is right behind me, keep smiling

  3. jeremy says:

    If something ever makes me even half as happy as Obama makes that guy, life will have been worth living.

    1. Gretchen in Delaware says:

      Love this attitude! We should all be so lucky to experience our greatest thrills, whatever they may be!

    2. quash says:

      A year or so later President Obama was back in Austin and autographed that pic for him. NOW his life is complete.

  4. J. Evans says:

    “Guuurl, no I didn’t… Yes.I.Did! Gurl, I’m tell’n you, I shook Obama’s hand, and I was as cool as a cucumber. He don’t phase me. I don’t care if he IS the Prezzz, I did NOT get all giddy. Psshhh.”

    1. Shannon Archer says:

      J. Evans…you just wrote my favorite comment on a blog ever. (and I know who you are so that makes it even funnier!)

    2. Beth says:

      I can totally hear this comment in the appropriate female voice in my head…I love my imagination!

    1. Sage says:

      so, if i switched to geico.. and called them, they say 15mins can save 15% or more.. what if i was on for 20mins…. can i save 20% or more? lol

  5. John says:

    “No! Charles! I said that way!” an old woman screams and points as her son with the mind of a 5 year old plays Jurassic Park with the President.

  6. Peanut says:

    Crazy Caucasian:”Don’t you just LOVE these pink bracelets we get to wear?!?!?!”
    Obama: “Whoa, Nelly, I don’t do pink.”

  7. tyler ebling says:

    That guy needs to back up a little bit before the President breaks out the power of “Change”

  8. Nathje says:

    Ooooh I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy, THE NERVES, oooh I have too pee, I have to pee, I have to pee…

  9. marcus says:

    just in case you all didn’t guess, but i think that guy is gay…i am not judging. who knows maybe he is just a fan of barrack’s, he just likes him as much as girls like justin bieber…gay

  10. jc Lamb says:

    Here’s the caption: Ohmygawd that suit is cut PERFECTLY for you! You look FABULOUS, Mr. President!!

  11. J says:

    Everyone’s wearing a pink wristband. Must be like a proof of admission.
    “That suit is SOOOO you, Mr. Prezz!!”

  12. brand says:

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