This guy’s insanely long list of relationship dealbreakers excludes literally every woman on earth

By Abraham Piper


Last August, a man messaged Emily through OK Cupid. When she checked out his profile to see if she might be interested in him she discovered the most thorough list of dating dealbreakers imaginable.

She took screen caps and posted them for the rest of us to be shocked and entertained by. When you think you’re coming to the end, you’re not. They just keep going…

Dealbreakers - 01

Dealbreakers - 02

Dealbreakers - 03

Dealbreakers - 04

Dealbreakers - 05

Dealbreakers - 06

Dealbreakers - 07

(via Buzzfeed)

Considering this guy’s absurd expectations, if you actually read through all those, that probably disqualifies you.

Disappointing, I know.