This Morning Show Host 'Bye Felicia'd' Omarosa On-Air and It's Glorious | 22 Words

This Morning Show Host ‘Bye Felicia’d’ Omarosa On-Air and It’s Glorious

By Robin Zlotnick

Omarosa Manigault-Newman made her way from The Apprentice to the White House, much like Donald Trump himself. But now, she's out. White House Correspondent April D. Ryan broke the news of Omarosa's departure from the Trump administration on Wednesday. It's still unclear whether she resigned or was fired — but one thing's for sure: Whatever happened, the story is juicy. Omarosa has been a controversial figure since she appeared on The Apprentice all those years ago, and the report of her leaving the White House elicited some strong (and hilarious) responses from news reporters and regular ol' Twitter users alike.


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