This Student Asked to Bring Her Dog to Class Before Hurricane Irma—and Her Professor’s Response Was Hilarious

t's no secret that Hurricane Irma has caused a lot of destruction. Floridians were forced to evacuate, and many of them have been left with no homes or possessions. Sadly, they'll have to rebuild and replace almost everything. But while Irma is surely the biggest headline, the stories we love to hear are the ones that speak to the kindness and generosity of the human spirit.

Jessica Lewis and her dog, Luna, are just such a story.

Forced to evacuate ahead of the storm, Jessica, a student at Georgia Southern, needed to head out of town right after her final class. This meant going straight to Atlanta, without going back to get Luna.  As it would be to any loving dog owner, this was out of the question. So she went out on a limb.