This Woman Was Told Catcalling Doesn’t Exist Anymore, so She Took These Selfies to Prove It Does

n case it needs to be said (and it shouldn't): A catcall is not a compliment. But that doesn't stop many men from acting as though their whistles and kissy faces are somehow a delightful gift bestowed upon the woman lucky enough to receive them.

Catcalling is a rotten way for men to assert dominance over women. It's a form of sexual harassment. It's deplorable behavior that no one should ever be proud of. It's also probably the least effective way to get attention from women, so it doesn't even make sense on the most basic level.

While many may not want to believe it, catcalling is a huge problem for women all over the world. That's why one woman decided to document the men who catcall her by taking selfies with them.