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Thomas Jefferson’s ideas for state names in the midwest

By Abraham Piper

Here is Thomas Jefferson’s suggestion for the layout and labeling of the American midwest…

Sylvania, Michigania, Illinoia, Saratoga, and Washington. OK, we can work with those.

But Chersonesus, Assenisipia, MetropotamiaPolypotamia, and Pelisipia?

I suppose we would have gotten used to any names — and even come to be inordinately attached to them — but at the same time I think we can all agree with the author of the 1904 book The Louisiana Purchase, who wrote

While we may see the reasons for these names, we may be thankful that they did not prevail, Ohio is better than Pelisipia, and Wisconsin to be preferred to Assenisipia.

(via Futility Closet)

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