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Tiger cub wants a drink of dog’s water, dog says No twice

Jun 10, 2013 By Abraham

This little tiger just wants a sip from the bowl, but the dog will have none of it…

(The action is all in the first and last 15 seconds of the video, if you’re in a hurry.)


  1. Loretta says:

    He’s been declawed see how his front paws slant to the side..they have crippled him for life!!

      1. Slayerwulfe (@slayerwulfe) says:

        i want to hear more, but nicely because anger is so counter productive.

  2. Tacy says:

    1st…why do they have a tiger? Wild animals are not pets! 2nd… That dog needs some serious training.

    1. RL says:

      This video proves your statement incorrect. Obviously a “wild animal” IS a pet to these people! Just because it’s not politically correct to have a tiger as a pet, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. cats.animal-world.com/ExoticCats/exotic-cats.php It’s a pet choice that is perfectly adaptable. Suburbian Uhmurika where people only own domestic dogs and housecats is NOT the center or guide to the universe…

      1. Alechsa says:

        No, RL, wild animals are NOT pets, unless this is a foster care for a cub raised by a zoo or nature preserve, it is illegal in most states. Large exotic predatorial animals do NOT make good pets and will 9 times out of 10 grow too aggressive to be responsibly cared for and too large to be kept happy in a house. They are almost never properly fed and become malformed or outright die from the lack of proper nutrition. That may be why the paws are messed up, not just the declawing. If it IS a pet, likely the poor thing has been declawed and had his teeth filed or sawn blunt so he/she cannot hurt anyone. The tooth ‘care’ also means they can’t eat solid food comfortably when they get older, and may even reject it. It is NOT just politically incorrect and to assume such means you have done NO research into the horrors of exotic pet hoarders… Most of those animals will die younger than if they’d been in a responsible zoo, or have to be killed by police when they escape into the public!

        1. Siren says:

          There is nothing wrong with the dog’s behavior. The water is his, he doesn’t have to share. The cub probably has its own food and water elsewhere.

          1. Katelyn says:

            Hopefully the dog restricts his resource guarding to other animals, if he resources guards with humans it no longer is “Ohhh, he just doesn’t want to share!” it becomes “Oh crap, my dog just growled loudly at me as I passed his water bowl.” And hopefully the people get it addressed before it escalates. The behavior of this dog would be a red flag in temperament assessments if it reacted like this with humans, and a red flag in dogs up for adoption as far as placing them in homes with other pets.
            Since feral dogs don’t form the tight-knit packs wolves do, they do compete more heavily with other dogs. So therefore I could see your point that a dog guarding his resources isn’t necessarily “wrong”. However, in a human environment, a resource guarder’s behaviour can be dangerous. It is something to start working on the moment you notice it.

          2. CheChe says:

            Well that dog will loose that growl soon enough. I Tiger is a wild animal and will surely kill him. As for the dogs behavior, I better he does this with humans also. This is not good behavior. He will become a snack to this cat. And to the people who have this cat, come see me, I want to declaw you.

  3. PETA says:

    Actually that was pretty funny, big ol’ wild cat scared by a little dog.

    Also, I love when the tiger goes “stealthy” and they have this little unspoken dialog:

    “[growl] No water for you!”
    “I’m just licking a wall dude.” [licks wall]
    “(internal) Oh he’s just licking a wall, man. I can chill out.”
    “Psyche! I want your water.” [poke]
    “No water for you!”

    PS: How awesome would a fur coat made from 101 tiger cubs be! Am I right?

  4. Kathy Doubleu says:

    I have a few problems with this:

    1. this dog is either BRAVE or STUPID

    2. Who would put these animals in this situation

    3. dog needs training against food aggression, not a good trait

    and a whole lot more that has already been listed here

  5. JoMarch says:

    This thread is a perfect example of people making unfounded assumptions and running wild with conclusions.

    Just as possible is the scenario where this cub was orphaned from its mother and raised by this dog, which bears out in the body language both are exhibiting. The dog does not have a behavior problem and is not overly aggressive, and the cub is not afraid but rather respectful.

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