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Timelapse of a man becoming a woman over the course of 3 years

Jan 9, 2013 By Abraham

Taking a picture a day and stringing them into this video, transgender YouTuber iiGethii shows her transition from male to female and the gradual effects of hormone replacement therapy and facial feminization surgery…

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      1. Victoria says:

        @Phil – Okay… well… let’s ask a question: if given a million dollars, would you go through it? She spent something like $60k on transition. Is that something someone simply donning a ‘costume’ would do? Do you have any clue what you’re talking about? Hmmmmmmmm? No? Then you might want to hold your tongue as your ignorance is showing.

        @Anyhow – Yes, if you want to be a regular, non-shunned member of society, the correct pronoun is ‘her’. Bad juju on the site admin for the summary.

        1. Abraham says:

          I think the good juju will outweigh the bad… ;)

          People really matter — their decisions, their struggles, their identities. PC language squabbles I don’t care so much about.

      2. Andy Deck says:

        I used to struggle with this as I can understand some of the mental anguish people have over these lifestyles. I’ve found that as I’ve matured and grown up, I no longer have any problem with any changes people make to their bodies and have no problems with how/what they want to be called. I was born with the name my parents gave me, but I can change it if I wanted to, and all people from that point on would be expected to call me by my new name. I’d be upset, and a person an idiot, to refuse my new name because “Even if I changed my name I was born James and not Andy, and should henceforth always be James.” That being said, it’s a slippery slope still when a man turned woman, or vice versa expects expects to use a restroom intended for the opposite sex. Very slippery.

  1. Mary says:

    No… the correct pronoun is “his”. He is still a male (XY chromosome), regardless of hormone therapy, surgeries, and personal wishes.

    1. Victoria says:

      @Mary – See above and you’re disagreeing with a whole host of professional mental health doctors, researchers, and others who have determined over the course of the last century that transsexual persons are indeed mentally the other sex. I.E. – You’re quite wrong.

      1. Sam says:

        It doesn’t really matter if you’re “mentally the other sex”, as what defines your sex is your DNA, and if you have XY chromosomes, you’re male, even if you are physically or hormonally changed. Altering a single chromosome is impossible currently, let alone every single one out of the millions of cells. The fact that the above mentioned person is transgender means that her self-identification as a woman, varies from their genetic sexual identification. However, under social norms, you would call them by their apparent sex, so, she would be a “her”.

        1. Victoria says:

          Not quite. There’s variations on that and by mentally, I mean physio-psychologically. The brain of the TS is actually wired up the same way that as demonstrated by various studies done over the last ten or so years. Even pre-hormones, the brain structure is significantly different than baseline ‘normative’ XY males and aligns rather neatly with what we find when we look at similar MRI’s of XX women.

          Also, if genetics is the only determiner of sex, then XXY or XYY people don’t have any sex at all, according to that logic.

          I’ll be straightforward: I’m personally TS and know way more about this than you so I’m simply going to fiat and say that unless you’ve actually studied this stuff, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about. The science is tricky to find (not a ton of budget for this stuff), the literature is not something that most people would really want to pick up at a whim, and really, unless it applies to them personally, not many people give a crap about it. I don’t think that you’re stupid because you don’t know what you’re on about but armchair science and casual dismissals of generally agreed upon scientific findings is arrogance in the highest order.

          Also, Mary, try finding out something for yourself from time to time and stop riding on the coat-tails of others or being mentally lazy and asserting correctness without a clue. What I’m talking about isn’t something that I’m just pulling out of thin air. Wikipedia is your friend.

          1. Chrissie says:

            Actually, if they have a “Y” anywhere in their chromosomes, then they’re male. But I see what you’re saying.

      2. Phil says:

        So, if ‘mentally’ I’m a cheetah, then I’m a cheetah according to the ‘professionals’ you describe? Awesome!

        Sorry. You cannot change what you are as you are born. If you were born male, you cannot change that.

        What you are confusing here is how you identify yourself. And frankly, if you want to pretend that you’re the opposite sex than how you were born, that’s you business. But it’s still just pretending.

        1. anonymous moose says:

          Thanks for telling me what I can and cannot do. It is people like you who explained that ‘Indians’ have no souls, or that ‘Negros’ are dumb but strong and are only fit for slavery. Each era has its own group of narrow-minded conservatives who like holding own to the narrow-minded view of the world that they were brought up on, despite all evidence to the contrary. Luckily, people like you will be viewed in 50 years like segregationists are viewed today. Make sure to not go on record with these opinions: the internet does not forget.

          1. Phil says:

            Two profoundly bad examples and not even close to being analogous. You should really learn how to think critically.

            Being of the mindset you describe towards homosexuals makes perfect sense. I agree with you there.

            But it is medically impossible to change the sex you were born with. Show me some evidence to the contrary as you describe. I’d love to see it.

            Look. I believe in full rights for gays, lesbians. But being Transgender is just pretending. You can act like the opposite sex, you can look like the opposite sex, you can even flood your body with hormones, but that does not change your sex. Sorry, but that’s reality.

          2. anonymous moose says:

            No one was claiming that, at the genetic level, transgender people are actually changing their sex. What I (and others) are claiming is that this does not matter one bit for any conceivable purpose, and that people who obsess over what sex is encoded in the person’s DNA rather than what sex the person functions as, or simply chooses to be referred by, are usually people expressing anti-trans sentiments who cherry-pick their definitions to avoid sounding prejudiced.

            Every point in history there is a group that bigots like to hate, and the more intelligent or educated among them will find an excuse for why it’s okay to hate them: I gave two examples of this. With some historical perspective these excuses look like what they really are.

          3. Phil says:

            Not even close. There is a distinct difference that you choose to ignore. The historical prejudice is based on what a person is, not based on what they are pretending to be.

            Prejudice against skin color is abominable because the person is what they are.

            It would be more analogous to compare a white person choosing to dye their skin because they want to be black or vise versa.

            THAT would be an accurate comparison to being transgender. And it’s just as absurd and just as much pretending to be something you’re not.

        2. Paul says:

          So if a child is born to a black family but happens to be an albino, is he black or white? Is his race based on his skin color or what’s inside?

        3. beelzebubjones says:

          phil you are technically correct in your reasoning. male to female transgender people are never going to ovulate, become pregnant or birth children. their dna will always reveal an xy (male) chromosomal identity.

          but unlike black widow spiders or angler fish; there is very little sexual dimorphism in human beings. other than the shape and function of the genitals men and women have all the same parts, all the same size performing all the same functions.

          the only real sexual dimorphism in humans is culturally and socially. men and women fill different roles in society. even then one can be exchanged for another. no one is pigeon holed.

          if you feel that what it is to be a man or woman is solely defined by their chromosomes. it would follow that those chromosomes be passed on because that is their function. therefore, real men and women have children. if you cannot or choose not to have children you are pretending to be human.

          but we are social animals. we live in a cultural world. non-procreating humans are as likely, perhaps more likely to contribute to human society and culture. if they have no intention to contribute their dna then their chromosomal make-up is unimportant. which means that functioning genitalia is unimportant. most humans have sex to fulfill their natural drive, to have fun and get off.

          procreational sex isn’t more real than recreational sex. in fact most procreational sex is an unintended consequence of recreational sex. therefore; as long as a girl’s vagina pleases her and her partner it really doesn’t make her less of a girl that she can’t have babies.

          our conscious lives are lived on a messy macro level. our molecular reality is rarely part of our everyday lives, requiring advanced technology to see let alone manipulate. if it takes a laboratory and microscopes analyzing molecular structures in the person above to see the person in the video as a boy then i say for all real intents and purposes the girl above is a girl.

  2. Alec says:

    I think VICTORia has “gender” and “sex” confused. Gender is a societal construct, and sex is the physical world. He will always be a male, and that’s that. But, there is no reason to insist on calling “her” a “him.” She just needs to be honest about her biology to partners. There may be different personalities in different bodies, but as aforementioned, you cannot change your genetics, ability to have an actual vagina, and ability to give birth. I would know. I’m trans as well. I was born Alexandra.

    1. Paul says:

      Cheers. You hit it on the head with her need to be honest with her partners. This is irrelevant to anyone else, and why anyone thinks they have the right to chime in on her life is beyond me.

  3. anonymous moose says:

    This is phenomenal. I admire her courage to put this online, and her generosity for giving us a glimpse on this fascinating process.

    Also, the comments by ignoramuses to this post sadden me. Of course you should refer to her as ‘her’, since this is what she wants to be referred as. It’s a matter of courtesy, above all else. I’m not saying we should abide by the whim of anyone, but since there is a significant percent of the population for which our intuitive grasp of gender does not fit, I think it should be obvious that we should follow what they ask for in terms of how we refer to them.

  4. HalfMast says:

    Self-mutilation is not a reasonable response to “feeling like a girl,” whatever that means. This is a dude with problems, not a normal girl.

    1. anonymous moose says:

      are you trying to convince yourself? because you’re not convincing anyone who’s not a backwards hick. Everyone else sees your comments and feel sad that people like you exist

      1. HalfMast says:

        Ha! Personal attacks, classy as they are, remain a fallacy.

        What psychology, as an academic study, tells us is patterns in human behavior, and how to behave determined by contemporary social climates. That’s why they come out with a new volume of the DSM every so often. They’re just trying to keep up with what’s acceptable at the time. I wonder where calling a person a “backward hick” winds up in that thick book.

        What psychology can’t tell us, unfortunately, is what is right or wrong or what is or is not reasonable. Lots of talk about brain scans doesn’t say much about morality, logic, or how brain composition correlates with human action. This directly leads into the is/ought problem. Psychology and neuroscience can tell us a lot about how things are, but by what standards to they determine how things ought to be? How ought humans act? They simply can’t make the leap from is to ought.

        All of that to say, very basic logic, biology, ethics, and, I would argue, sociology, can tell us much more about this specific situation, and how people ought to act. Logic alone tells us that being born with certain biological traits like have a y chromosome and having a, uh, package, the thought of “being a girl” is what is irrational, not the biology. (I’d also like to hear what psychology says about feeling like a girl, especially since they’re the ones saying gender is a societal construct, but they probably can’t say much). Brain scans don’t tell us nearly as much as other biological traits, nor do they say much important since we’re still learning about how the brain works.

        Regardless, I’m sure I’ll continue being called names by people without arguments. You’ll be happy to know that I have no intention of existing long as my existence is apparently making everyone sad. It makes me sad, too.

    2. Paul says:

      You are… a doctor? A genetic researcher? A psychiatrist? Curious as to your training and expertise that allows you to diagnose this stranger off a quick YouTube clip.

  5. a typical easterner says:

    I think it’s fascinating that she starts to look happier in her serious expression the more feminine she gets. Pretty powerful.

  6. Tink says:

    Talking about people’s chromosomes is being disingenuous. You don’t know everyone’s code. Someone who looks female might have androgen insensitivity. People exist who have XXY or XYY, or be intersex due to their development. Human development, endocrinology, neurology and psychology are all very complicated when it comes to sex.

    You should call people what they ask to be called. If someone goes through so much effort and pain to become as female biologically as they can, who are you to hold the fact they once had a penis against them?

    Transgender people aren’t playing some game, they really feel, from a young age, that they are in the wrong body. May you never experience the feeling of repulsion and wrongness within oneself that they live with for years. The feelings that it takes years to open up about to others, and that people treat you like trash for having. It’s not ‘pretending’ – there are people who simply like to dress up in drag and have no intention of living as the other gender or changing their bodies, to equate the two is absurd.

    You clearly enjoy feeling like you ‘belong’ in your body, which is precisely why you can’t imagine someone else would feel otherwise. Nobody’s taking your penises away, boys! so don’t take it so personally that someone might not feel the same way you do. It’s not easy to live with that feeling, many transgender people experience serious depression or anxiety as a result of this dissonance. Allowing the ‘outside’ of them to match what they feel on the ‘inside’ is what we do, because they have a right to (i might think covering oneself completely in tattoos is rash, but I defend anyone’s right to do it), and because it’s not just something they want on a whim, or as the result of any other disorder that can be treated.

    It doesn’t matter what your genetic sex is, nor should it matter what social gender you are – being a decent person means trying to understand the pain of others and not being judgemental.

    1. Paul says:

      May I ask why this bothers you to the point of insulting her by calling her he/she? (Perhaps you didn’t realize how insulting and rude that was… but I have a feeling you did.) How does this really affect you? Can’t you just accept someone’s who’s different than you?

  7. Billie says:

    As I see it, live and let live, if a person wants to change their sex, even if only on the outside where all can see, if they feel in fact they are in the wrong body, then as I see it, that’s their business. If they choose to live their life as male or female, again, that’s their business. I knew in my heart at a very early age I wanted so much to be a female. I don’t have to know all the big words and phrases and all the studies that have been done over the last 100 years, I don’t have to know all the bs that all the doctors and educated people talk about knowing, I don’t care about any of that, all I know is what I feel in my heart. What that GIRL in the video did for HERSELF is something very extrodinary and it took a whole lot of courage to place it on any Internet site. My heart goes out to HER and all SHE stands for.

  8. Sarah Lambert says:

    There is some seriously amigdalic thinking going on here. Sex is defined partially defined by chromosomes, but also by secondary sexual characteristics and social integration. An approach which only considers genetics is overly reductionist and ignores day to day reality. When did you last ask to see some stranger’s genetic profile? We generally interact with people as they appear, and this woman looks totally female. Check out the movie Gattaca for a dystopian view of a society obsessed by genetics.

    I suspect that the men here expressing such views are terrified that they might ‘accidentally’ date a transsexual woman one day, and then of course they’d have to kill themselves if they didn’t kill the transsexual woman first (which is sadly, often the outcome).

  9. Girl says:

    Lots of hate/fear expressed in these posts, I’m sad to see… this is a brave soul, whatever her gender is or has been- most of you would do well to think outside of the box for a bit; life is so much more fantastic out there.

  10. Lily says:

    This vid makes me very optimistic about my transition, i started hormones 2 weeks ago and i’m so excited and happy to be moving forward. People at work have been looking a me funny cos for the first tim ever i am smiling all the time :)

  11. Joanna says:

    People who have never lived with gender dysphoria cannot possibly understand the situation that transgendered people face. As both a technical and well read person and gender dysphoric I can tell you that the decision she took is something she had to do in order to feel whole. If you feel compelled to reply in an antagonistic way to something you cannot possibly understand then I suggest you at least educate yourselves a bit before commenting. There are enough ignorant people in this world to spare.

    Those who applaud her courage as a human being should be applauded and if in the end her transition brings her true happiness in her life then who are we to argue. There is much more to life than genetic coding and a life must be lived in real and concrete reality.

    Non dysphoric people would never go this far because they don’t need to. She did.

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