21 Times Female Celebs Schooled Reporters Sexist Questions | 22 Words

21 Super Famous Celebs Who Got the Last Word

By Megan Burgess

As the list of Hollywood actors, news journalists, and network producers facing serious allegations of sexist, and in some cases, even criminal behaviors, continues to grow, we're also starting to see a different list take shape.

One after the next, female celebrities are clapping back at sexism in the media by publicly calling out reporters for sexist questions and responding by actually saying what's on their minds, in real-time, in a real way, in front of real people. (What a groundbreaking concept).

While "Time's Up" pins and catchy "#Metoo" hashtags surely aid in the pursuit of progress, they're simply not enough.

What we need right now, more than ever, are honest conversations that openly and authentically address the issue of sexism toward women in all aspects of our society.


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