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Tiny Alaskan husky puppy is very sorry…

Jun 21, 2011 By Abraham

…and will submit to any punishment in order to regain your favor.

(via PBH3)


  1. DogzRKool says:

    “will to submit to any punishment”???
    WTF kind of sado are you?
    Dogz are the epitome of unconditional love, you putz.

    1. Jessie Foxx says:

      As adorable as this photo is.. the captions bothered and disturbed me greatly too. I fail to see the humor. Its vicious and horrid. Who would punish a puppy.. It’s upset me all day. Someone has a very sick mind *shudder*

  2. Housey41 says:

    Im pretty sure he’s staring at his hind paw sticking out between his front legs, wondering what the heck it is… “Hey, how come I have 3 feet now???”

  3. John cook says:

    Or… someone has taught him the command “Stare at your crotch, dog” and he is a cute and obedient little puppy who loves his master very much and proud to be well trained. A second after this photo the master exclaimed “Good boy!” and the puppy jumped up, excited and happy and accepted a small bit of delicious ground beef from his kindly masters hand.

    See… it works any way you wish it. You can find ground glass in your oatmeal or blueberries. When it’s imaginary, imagine a world filled with love and goodness.

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