Tonya Harding Once Saved a Woman's Life in a Bar, but No One Remembers It | 22 Words

Tonya Harding Once Saved a Woman’s Life in a Bar, but No One Remembers It

By Lucy Huber

For reasons we cannot explain, 2018 is the year we as a nation decided to get really into the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal again. The movie I, Tonya, a biographical (but ultimately fictional) story of Tonya Harding, came out in December 2017. And this Thursday Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story will air on ABC. Maybe it’s because it’s the year of the Winter Olympics when everyone who has ignored professional figure skating for the last four years suddenly becomes well-versed in how to properly land a triple axel. Maybe it’s that we all listened to too many true crime podcasts last year and a crime involving figure skaters getting professionally whacked in the knee just seems like kind of a nice break from all the murder. Whatever the cause, Tonya Harding is a having a moment, and perhaps a moment of redemption that she may have deserved much earlier. It turns out the almost universally hated Harding actually once saved a woman's life and got basically no credit for it. 


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