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Town buried in 8 feet of tumbleweed, blocking streets and trapping some in their homes [pics & video]

Jan 31, 2014 By Abraham

A windstorm last Sunday brought literally tons of tumbleweed through the town of Clovis, New Mexico. As the storm subsided and the tumbleweed came to rest, the city was covered with the roaming foliage, with many of the piles well over 8 feet high.

Pathways have been dug out for cars and the huge piles keeping some residents stuck in their houses have been removed. But crews are still putting in 10-hour days clearing the rest and expect to continue for weeks…

Tumbleweed in Clovis, NM - 02

Tumbleweed in Clovis, NM - 03

Tumbleweed in Clovis, NM - 01

Tumbleweed in Clovis, NM - 04

Tumbleweed in Clovis, NM - 05

(via News Channel 10, KRQE)


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