Trump Reportedly Eats McDonald's Because He's Afraid of Being Poisoned | 22 Words

Trump Reportedly Eats McDonald’s Because He’s Afraid of Being Poisoned

By Robin Zlotnick

There's a little book coming out tomorrow (the release date was pushed up because of how much buzz it's generating) called Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. It's written by journalist Michael Wolff, and it's supposedly a bombshell tell-all exposé of all the nonsense that's gone on behind the curtains since Trump took office, which is somehow even crazier than the all the nonsense that's happened right in front of the curtains. Now, there is some question as to how reliable Wolff's account will beseveral details from the book that have been released so far seem almost too good to be true. But one revelation from Fire and Fury that we pretty much believe word-for-word is the reason that Trump eats McDonald's all the time (aside from the fact that he likes the way those little hamburgers make his hands look extra big).


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