Trump Tried to Take Credit for Bringing back 'Merry Christmas,' but the Internet Wasn't Falling for It | 22 Words

Trump Tried to Take Credit for Bringing back ‘Merry Christmas,’ but the Internet Wasn’t Falling for It

By Abi Travis

Remember last year when we were all living in a weird Hunger Games world where it was against the law to say "Merry Christmas"? Anytime someone said *THAT PHRASE,* they were hauled off to jail for their Christmas crime until they said "Happy Holidays" instead. You might not have noticed it, but there wasn't a single person on Earth who celebrated Christmas in 2016. Because Christmas was illegal.

Wait, what's that? Christmas wasn't illegal? People were saying "Merry Christmas" and not facing any jail time whatsoever? Hm. Someone should probably let our current president know that.


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