20 Tweets About Marriage That Are So Real You'll Be Like 'You Got Inside My Head?' | 22 Words

20 Tweets About Marriage That Are So Real You’ll Be Like ‘You Got Inside My Head?’

By Abi Travis

Remember back when you were young and you spent hours dreaming about what your wedding would be like? You might have had everything from the colors to the flowers to the music picked out from a very young age. It was so fun to imagine what dress you would wear as you walked down the aisle to your happily ever after.

...And then you got married. Somehow, you didn't spend much time imagining what life would be like after you tied the knot.

Being married is totally great! But it's also full of hilarious surprises and disagreements about things you never thought it was even possible to disagree about. (For instance, my husband and I have an ongoing debate about whether macaroni and cheese tastes better when the noodles are fun shapes — which it totally does, obvs).

The following tweets perfectly capture exactly what it's like to be married.


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