Twitter bot to prank the gullible with completely false viral "facts" [10 pics] | 22 Words

Twitter bot to prank the gullible with completely false viral “facts” [10 pics]

By Abraham Piper

As a funny yet intriguing experiment, artist Eric Drass created a Twitter bot that is going to lie about everything and see if people like it. He says of viral content in general…

Often these snippets of information are passed, uncritically, across the network, because they are entertaining, or provocative, or (more dangerously) support our world view. But this process of passing facts around is open to abuse, where “facts” are fabricated, and uncritically passed on.

The legitimacy of information is dependent on the trustworthiness of the source, but often this is unclear, and often overpowered by a compelling image….

There is a battle between the “shareability” of information and it’s “truth”…

So he created @factbot01, an automated Twitter account that generates a completely invented “fact” and posts it in conjunction with a seemingly relevant image every four hours. Since it’s randomized, the results can be absolutely ridiculous…

Factbot - 10

But they can seem plausible, too…

Factbot - 08

Other of the random results range from false but boring to amusingly absurd…

Factbot - 01

Factbot - 02

Factbot - 03

Factbot - 04

Factbot - 05

Factbot - 06

Factbot - 07

Factbot - 09

We’re still waiting to see if the automation process can accidentally create that perfectly heart-wrenching/-warming pseudo-truth that Facebook sharers and email forwarders the world over are waiting for.

Until then, enjoy the ridiculousness.

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