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Twitter Users Spent Their Holiday Weekend Hilariously Trolling Chris Christie’s Beach Visit

nless you've been living under a rock, you've probably see the pictures of Governor of New Jersey and '90s Batman villain Chris Christie enjoying New Jersey's Island Beach State Park this weekend. Although Christie shut down state-run beaches after New Jersey's legislature failed to pass a budget, he apparently decided the rules didn't apply to him. Luckily, the internet showed up to take some hilarious shots at his hypocrisy.

News planes captured incriminating shots of Christie and his family on the closed beach, enjoying the endless stretch of sand without any other pesky New Jerseyans blocking his view. Though the photos clearly showed Christy soaking up rays, CNN reported that later that day, Christie told reporters that he "didn't get any sun today." (Perhaps he decided that because he was wearing a ball cap, he could claim he was actually in the shade?)

This isn't Christie's first political gaffe. He's still recovering from the bizarre (and petty) Bridgegate scandal, and also ran an unsuccessful campaign for the presidency in 2016. But telling his constituents that they can't use state beaches on a hot holiday weekend while he basked in the sun set the internet on fire.

In the great tradition of American satire, Twitter users joined forces to entertain us all on the most patriotic holiday of the year. Buckle up and enjoy some next-level trolling of Christie's solo beach party.



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