Twitter’s WORST Dates Will Make You Both Cringe AND Cry With Laughter

ating can be stressful, even under the best circumstances. Between worrying whether or not you'll hit it off and worrying whether or not you have salad in your teeth, usually you're just hoping to get to the good part...whether the "good part" is the goodnight kiss or a goodbye forever at the end of the night.

Either way, you just sort of want it to be over.

We've all had a bad date or two in our lives, but have you ever had one worse than the doozies these people confessed to in a viral Twitter thread over the weekend?

It started on Friday, when writer and humorist Maura Quint (who goes by @behindyourback on Twitter) asked her 69,000 followers to share their worst dating experience.

OMG, Twitter, yes, please do!

Hold on to your dance card, folks because you're in for some serious dating twists and turns.