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Typhoon dumps unlimited free seafood on the beach [10 pictures]

Sep 4, 2012 By Abraham

Despite the damage caused by Typhoon Bolaven to the Korean Peninsula at the end of last month, a few people found an unexpected silver lining after the storm died down. Beachgoers at Lazurnaya Bay in the far reaches of southeastern Russia were treated to a virtually unlimited supply of seafood that was deposited on the beach by the storm…

Vacationers took advantage of the windfall, collecting the edible shellfish in plastic bags and buckets. They had to work quickly since the delicacies may be tasty, but are also very perishable. Some folks just went ahead and ate them immediately…

Residents pointed out that this phenomenon is especially odd, not just because of the volume, but also because edible shellfish haven’t been harvested in this particular bay for over 20 years…

(via Love Opium)


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