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U.S. map labeling each state with a country that has a similar-sized economy

Jan 17, 2011 By Abraham

(Get more info at The Economist.)

Looking at this map makes me pretty happy that we are united states.


  1. Casey Zachary says:

    Poor Minnesota. I feel sorry for you, not that you are compared to Thailand, but that you are compared with Indiana. I’m from Indiana. They say boys in NYC want to grow up to be Yankees. Boys in Texas want to grow up to be cowboys, boys in LA want to grow up and be movie stars. Boys in Indiana just want to grow up and move away.

  2. talley says:

    romania?! hopefully the comparative economy doesn’t come with vampires!
    and i don’t mean the sparkly ones. they can stay in comparative greece.

  3. Chuck says:

    I wonder where China would fit? Oh yeah, forget that. “The United States of America is a caption on THEIR map.

    1. Lowonprozac says:

      Not true. They were saying the same thing about Japan 20 years ago, and the Soviet Union before that. China’s GDP is much lower than the US’s. They are already screwing things up by trying to reign in their earlier market reforms.

  4. Stephen says:

    @Chuck Actually China’s GDP is only 4.99 trillion dollars… Which you can see is less than what Cali, Florida and Texas combined hold

  5. tiggy says:

    hmm, somebody seems to truly love Thailand and Finland! ;D both represented 3 times. oh i wish i was in the first one of them and not the second. O_o

    i’d like to see something like this with the amount of snow the countries get each winter.

  6. Joel says:

    The problem with using GDP to compare to other countries is that as a metric, GDP includes public spending. So nations that have healthier (less debt-ridden) economies can still have lower GDPs because the U.S. spends so much money it doesn’t have.

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