Upworthy was ranked first on Facebook in November. You’ll never guess who came in second…

December 10, 2013 | By Abraham | 18 comments

Today, The Atlantic looked behind the scenes of the viral web by analyzing Facebook shares in November. In addition to other numbers, they ranked sites by number of Facebook shares per link posted. Blowing away all competition is Upworthy.

But coming in a distant second is…

22 Words!

Best Website on Facebook

This success is mostly due to six posts that were popular last month…

These got shared, people visited, and traffic spiked. It’s been quite a ride.

But that isn’t all that makes a site like ours worth running. We like the spikes, of course, because they keep us solvent, but what we appreciate most — the people we’re most thankful for — are our regular readers who stick with us even if we have a boring day from time to time. Or, to put it another way, we like readers who are interested in a post like this one. :)

Thanks a lot for reading 22 Words and for making it (in November, at least) the second best website on Facebook.

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  1. Beeblefester says:

    Heck yeah! People who shoulder surf while I’m online always ask what site this is. Glad to pass on the info!

  2. Beat Attitude says:

    This is very cool, well done guys. You manage your site very well, and it’s eminently shareable, so good on you. Still coming back regularly after all these years for little bursts of fun and distraction. So regularly, in fact, that I have the site blocked during work hours :-)

  3. Jacob Haynes says:

    Abraham (I do hope this site is still run by you),

    I have been following you since you were actually posts of twenty two words. Through the ‘religious comment wars’ past the ’Minneapolis slice of life off shoot blogs’ to your current ‘editor of the internet’ status, it has been interesting watching this site’s evolution. Congrats on the second place finish!


  4. ReAnnon says:

    I’ve been following this blog since it really was just 22words, and it’s posts like this make me keep reading. Yes the funny videos are amazing. The little boy talking to himself on the potty made me laugh so hard I cried for days! I appreciate the slice of humor you put in my weekly life! I will admit however, I wait until there are 50 or so posts in my reader and then scroll thru the post looking for interesting titles. I save up the good ones and then my husband and I watch them together. It’s become quite a fun tradition. You’re doing a great thing here. Keep it up Abraham! Congratulations on the recognition!

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