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Various foods in portions of 200 calories [45 pictures]

Feb 18, 2013 By Abraham

We all have a rough idea of calories and that we should only consume about 2000 of them each day. But what does that actually look like? This series of images makes it easier to visualize what makes up a day’s helping of calories, depending on what types of foods we’re eating.

Each photo is 200 calories’ worth of the food pictured. More info and pics at Wise Geek.



Whole Milk


Jelly Beans


Wheat Dinner Rolls

Turkey Sandwich Meat

Mini Peppers




Canned Peas


Blueberry Muffin

Sesame Seed Bagel

Bailey’s Irish Cream


Canned Pork and Beans

Peanut Butter


Tootsie Pops


M and M’s



Hot Dogs


Hershey Kisses

Fruit Loops

Jack in the Box Fries

French Bread


Dried Apricot


Glazed Donut


Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwich


Jack in the Box Cheeseburger



Canola Oil

Canned Black Beans


(via Reddit)


      1. peter hendry says:

        Smarties = M&Ms
        Same Co. Same recipe.
        GM = Opel
        Don’t know what those claiming to be smarties things are but they remind me of sherbet sweetie necklace things but.

        1. Christie says:

          They look like what New Zealanders call “fizzy lollies”
          Our smarties are just like M&M’s except flatter and not quite as nice. We also have pebbles which are the same as smarties but taste better.

  1. B says:

    Ah fruits and veggies, how amazingly low calorie you are. Perfect example here visually of why people who eat fruits and veggies get full for way, way, way less calories (not to mention way less FAT). I want that big plate of carrots!!!

    1. RFM says:

      Saturated fat from animals, nuts, and avocados is not only healthful but essential for proper function. Eat nothing but eggs, meats, vegetables, and nuts for a couple weeks and you will be shocked at how good you feel. If you must have some starch then opt for a small amount of sweet potatoes or squash, or maybe even some beans and rice every once in a while as a side. It will change your life.

  2. peter hendry says:

    Calories pschew!
    Stop eating wheat for three days and say hello to the old you on Morning No4.
    Then realise how long you have been eating a poison.
    Take it from me….
    Life’s neat with no wheat.

      1. Tristan says:

        Wheat has a negative effect, to some degree, on most people. They just don’t know it because they’ve been eating it for so long. Go a few months without it, then start eating it again.

    1. Jean says:

      So true about getting rid of gluten..
      At my nutritionists urging I stopped eating gluten. It took a few days to research all about what has gluten in it and the results surprised me..Some vitamins and supplements, ketchup, soy sauce, some bottles spices , and even makeup…
      So I began a Paleo way of eating..Meat (mostly fish an d chicken) ,veggies,fruit,beans and nuts..
      Day 5 I had no joint,muscle and headache pain. My stomach problems were almost totally gone, my eczema looked so much better, memory fog was gone and I felt more energy than I had felt in 20 years..I kid you not..It is amazing..
      Wheat is not an allergy. It is an “intolerance” to wheat, rye and barley. It can make you so very sick if you are intolerant or have full Celiac Disease. Try it and you will find your old self again….

  3. peter hendry says:

    And just what percentage of modern “Wheat” is in all that?

    What is a calorie if your body is being tricked into wanting things that hurt it?
    Isn’t it cruelly ironic, and slightly sadistic, to know that all the money you put into pension funds just grows food that makes you ill?
    Wheat is not wheat these days and I wouldn’t even eat an animal that has been fed on it.
    We gave up feeding it to the sheep 20 odd yrs ago as it made their noses run with snot.
    Like a fool I didn’t make the connection until a year or so back.
    Stop eating so called wheat.
    Organic spelt pasta is really tasty as Spelt is the original wheat sort of thing.
    Oh, by the way, I’d check out how much of your pension is invested in wheat by-products as that is where you’ll get shafted as fund managers try to shift the shite downwards.

    1. lol says:

      oh f*** off with your wheat-hating propaganda. The vast majority of the population can eat wheat with no problem.

  4. David Wickiser says:

    I learned from this that Coke us better for me than milk. That’s what I was supposed to get from this, right?

    1. Yes, I know you were joking, but... says:

      Whole milk.
      “The ‘whole’ milk from the store (commonly labelled ‘Vitamin D’ milk) is not really Whole milk – it’s butterfat is either 3.25% or 4.0%, depending on state laws (most states are 3.25%)

      True ‘whole’ milk means it has the full 8-10% butterfat, and has not had any cream (fat) removed since it came out of the cow. The ‘Vitamin D’ milk in the stores has actually had part of the cream removed.”

      Besides, calories are not a good indicator of health. Milk is a lot better than pure sugar.

        1. Nilzed says:

          Yes, BUT, most of us are dealing with milk from the bottle, not milk from the cow. The dairy blends the milks from diferent herds of different breeds, centrifuges off the fat, adds enough back to meet the varying legal definitions for full, semi-skimmed and skimmed, and for light and heavy cream, yogurts and, so-called buttermilk, and sour cream, and the rest is sold as ‘creamery butter’. (Real butter is made from fats allowed to slowly rise, and is slightly fermented and yogurty tasting and is not made or sold by the big commercial dairys. Real buttermilk is the liquid left behind from churning the butter, should be watery and low-fat, no you cant by that either.)

          So you are both right, for different definitions of milk.

  5. LMH says:

    Really? From someone who’s seen their share of plastic food portions from nutritionists, this is a very vague step up – Size of plate? 8″ 10″ 12″ ? And if this is supposed to show portion size, some foods are stacked up to look pretty or look like a small portion. Spread them out like the apple. Raw Onions? Why? Who is going to eat a handful of onions for snack? Not unless they are fried in batter. Snickers? They come in all sizes now ~ hard to tell what size that is supposed to be. Hersheys kisses or chocolate chips? I agree with poster who said “calories are not a good indicator of health”. If this was an exercise in nutrition ‘F’ . If this was an exercise in photography D- Good lighting, no shadows.

    1. Stella says:

      yup – you really got to know the size of the plate to accurately know the size of the portion pictured, stacked or not.

  6. LMH says:

    ORIGINAL posting from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-does-200-calories-look-like.htm gives a much clearer educational insight into this portrayal of 200 calories. Just the pictures posted on twentytwowords.com DONT give you the information needed. From WiseGeek: This article deals with Calories only. Don’t forget that there are other considerations when choosing which foods to eat, such as nutritive value and diversity of your food choices.

    1. Stephanie says:

      If you had bothered to read the previous comments, you would see that these are American smarties candy, marketed as “rockets” in canada to avoid confusing them with nestles smarties. They are Smarties, it’s their name. We here in america don’t have the nestle smarties even marketed to us, as far as I am aware. Before making a definitive statement, maybe look it up.


  7. RFM says:

    Interesting concept, but it perpetuates the ludicrous notion that overall health is maintained merely by counting to 2,000. I imagine the writers of this post also believe that animal fat is bad for you and that whole grain is the foundation of a healthy diet.

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