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Vicar Rowan Atkinson retells the story of Jesus’ first miracle

Jan 27, 2013 By Abraham

A lesson from the Gospel of John…


  1. John says:

    At the risk of prompting them: Yes, this kind of material is hilarious and exactly why I follow you. I expect you’ll get your standard responses from your standard infestation of ignorant creationist lackwits, and that’s kind of sad. I wish you’d curate your comments more than you do now. But!

    Rowan Atkinson? Very funny.

    1. Tristan says:

      I think it’s obvious that those kinds of comments are going to come up. But you just lost any credibility with how ignorant your comment was. By placing yourself higher than a “creationist lackwit”, you effectively stooped to the level which you so seemingly despise.

      For myself, I am as you say, a “creationist lackwit”. For my part, I already know that this video is going to be blasphemous due to the title and who is speaking. Therefore, I choose not to watch it. Unfortunately, some people get upset that it’s here. But that’s dumb because it’s not their blog.

      Also, Rowan Atkinson generally is very funny!

    2. bbweis says:

      Dude….Noone was arguing about religion until you brought it up.

      And really, calling Christians “ignorant creationist lackwits” is entirely uncalled for; we’ve never insulted you, yet you continue to insult us under the guise of “defending” your *theory* of evolution. s


      Stow it, buddy.

  2. J says:

    John says: “…standard infestation of ignorant creationist lackwits…”

    lol it’s sad sad sad that someone can take a funny clip and turn it into a religious debate before one even began. so much hate in the world for people believing in something you do not.

    I feel sorry for you, John.

  3. Shannon says:

    I thought this was in very poor taste…really hope this is the last of this kind. God has a great sense of humor-He is the creator of humor, after all. But He is Holy and this sadly, fell very short of being funny.

  4. GreenPen says:

    Why is it that just about every site that has anything remotely resembling comedy feel the need to throw in Jesus jokes every once in a while? So long 22 Words…

    1. Carr says:

      Nothing wrong with Jesus jokes per se:

      Jesus and Moses were playing a round of golf one day.

      Just before taking a swing, Jesus said, “Check this out Moses. I’m Tiger Woods.” He takes his swing, and the ball heads straight into the water hazard.

      Jesus looks to Moses and asks, “Do you mind?”

      “I guess not,” Moses says and proceeds to part the waters. Jesus walks down and gets His ball and tees it back up.

      Again, He proclaims, “I’m Tiger Woods!” Again, the ball falls in the water hazard. Again, He asks Moses for help.

      Moses sighs, “Fine, but if it happens again, you’re getting it.” Mosus parts the water, and Jesus walks down, retrieves His ball, and tees it back up.

      “I’m Tiger Woods!” *PLOP* Into the water it goes a third time as the next set of golfers are waiting impatiently for them to move ahead.

      Moses says, “I told you, Jesus. Now you’re gonna have to get it yourself.”

      “Fine,” Jesus says and walks out on the top of the water looking down for where His ball settled.

      A man exasperatedly waiting at the tee says, “Look at that guy walking on the water. Who does he think he is? Jesus?”

      Moses looks at him and says, “No He thinks He’s Tiger Woods.”

  5. bbweis says:

    He reads the Bible real well, but I don’t like two things…. the addition of the Magic tricks (not really that funny…) and he forgot to say that Jesus then rose from the dead after his crucifixion..

  6. Brendt Wayne Waters says:

    Actually, if you read the Gospels, there are multiple evidences that many saw Jesus *exactly* as Atkinson portrays him being viewed here — as a cheap conjurer. It was only after he started that “take up your cross” stuff that he lost a sizable chunk of his “audience”.

    Further, anyone who doesn’t think that God is patient and accommodating has a much too high view of himself. So the idea of Jesus giving the crowd more of what they sought is not really out of character.

    And finally, the “reasons” that the scribes and Pharisees had him killed were no more sensible than what Atkinson describes here.

  7. Andrew says:

    Haha. I am a Christian, and can still enjoy this video. It may be the only time some people get any Bible, even a distorted one, but may lead them back to read the real version. Great video. Thanks for posting.

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