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This ridiculous little island won’t BLOW your mind, but it will BEND it…

Jan 7, 2014 By Abraham

Here we see Vulcan Point sticking up out of Crater Lake in the Philippines. The little landmass is cited as the world’s largest island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 07

This noteworthy factoid may take a moment to wrap your mind around. To help out, let’s step back — or up — a little ways to get some context and then move back in step by step…

The Philippines…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 01

Luzon Island, the northernmost island in The Philippines…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 02

The southern end of Luzon Island…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 03

Taal Lake on Luzon Island…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 04

Taal Volcano, an island in Taal Lake…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 05

Crater Lake on Taal Volcano…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 06

And then, at the center of it all, Vulcan Point in Crater Lake…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 07

Finally, here you can see all the levels of recursive islanding: Vulcan Point in Crater Lake on Taal Volcano in Taal Lake on Luzon Island…

Vulcan Point, Philippines - 08

I’m left with only one question, if this is the largest, where’s the second largest island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island?

(via Wikipedia, Google Maps, Mudfooted)


  1. James says:

    Closer to home, Ryan Island…

    From http://www.nps.gov/isro/faqs.htm


    What is the name of the largest island in the largest lake on the largest island on the largest (surface area) fresh water lake in the world? (use on Jeopardy)
    Ryan Island is the answer and is found in Siskiwit Lake, which is the largest lake on Isle Royale, and Isle Royale is the largest island in Lake Superior.

  2. Almonaster says:

    I’m not sure which is the second largest on salt water, but Treasure Island, in Lake Mindemoya, on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, is the largest island on a lake on an island on a (fresh water) lake in the world.

  3. Deejay Doubleplus says:

    Treasure Island also has a seasonal pond, making it the largest lake within an island within a lake within an island (Manitoulin) within a lake (Huron) in the world. Also since continents and islands like the Philippines are both land masses within the ocean, you could count the Americas as one big island. If you do then Treasure Island would be the biggest island within a lake (Mindemoya) within an island (Manitoulin) within a lake (Huron) within an island (the Americas) in the world, since Treasure Island is larger than Vulcan Point.

    I’ve actually been to Treasure Island although I was not able to find the seasonal pond. I took a road trip there specifically because I noticed the series of concentric islands on Google Maps. I rented a boat to get out to the island (which is actually private property but mostly uninhabited except for a few cabins on the south side). It was pretty neat knowing I was running around in the middle of a geographic anomaly. I read about Vulcan Point a while ago and have always wanted to visit to compare the two places. One is the product of volcanism and the other of glaciation.

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