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“Warning” signs at historical sites tell visitors to relax and enjoy themselves

May 30, 2013 By Abraham

In a good-natured campaign for England’s National Trust, designers at The Click created “warning” signs to be placed around the grounds and estates of the National Trust.

The placards seem like the sort that would tell you “Do not sit here” and “No Photographs” and other fun-inhibiting restrictions. But in fact, the signs encourage just the opposite…

(via This Isn’t Happiness)


  1. Lelala says:

    Wow, a really really nice idea.
    Especially the “ON THE GRASS” – ever tried to step ON THE GRASS near to one of the guards at buckingham palace? ;-)

  2. Sean Dominguez says:

    I think this is so neat. Reminds me of a thing I read about how placing warning signs not to speed are ineffective whereas posting a reading of your speed – with no warning at all – is very effective for getting people to slow down.

    People don’t respond well to authority but they do want to be good citizens. Kinda tangential, but I think there are some overlapping principles in play here.

  3. RalfLippold says:

    Such a wonderful initiative – probably pretty disruptive for most visitors who see exactly the opposite in museums, parks, manor houses, castles, … around the world.

    THANK YOU to The National Trust!!!! and h/t to https://www.facebook.com/HackFwd for sharing on Facebook (this is what I really call a “World of #Abundance” where technology, digital media, design, heritage conservation, and eco-system awareness are meeting)

    Cheers from Dresden, Germany (where we definitely need something like that ;-))

  4. James says:

    I just kept thinking… I bet most people don’t actually read the sign, recognize it as a sign they’re familiar with, and are afraid to do whatever the sign is encouraging. Xb

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