Was Matt Groening’s Homer Simpson inspired by a mid-1900′s Swedish cartoon?

October 22, 2012 | By Abraham | 3 comments

Here’s Homer Simpson (as if you need to be reminded)…

And here’s a clip from a 1949 Icelandic magazine featuring a cartoon character named Adamson, created by Swedish cartoonist Oscar Jacobsson


*         *         *

Jacobsson started writing Adamson comic strips in 1920 and continued until his death in 1945. The strip was continued by the Danish cartoonist Viggo Ludvigsen until 1964.

Here are a few more pics of Adamson (who was known as Silent Sam in America)…

(via Retronaut, Lemurinn, Weird Space)

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  1. Cosmo says:

    Goes to show – Nothing is new under the sun…

    IF the Jacobsson was alive today, Groening might have a lawsuit on his hands.

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