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Wedding photographer’s hair catches on fire…everyone has a good laugh

Nov 20, 2012 By Abraham

That the poor lady’s hair was on fire is weird enough. But everyone’s response is even weirder…

(via Doobybrain)


    1. Melissa says:

      The camera angle is right on the bride. If it’s too perfect and steady they probably had a professional videographer. It’s a wedding. They have those.

  1. tonicclonic says:

    It looked like people were concerned or confused and then suddenly everyone was laughing. Perhaps the laughing was after her hair was put out and she confirmed she was okay? Maybe she said some joke about it.

    1. Clara says:

      Yes, this seems obvious to me. It’s disturbing if people want to assume the worst just from viewing the reactions of those on camera while not even able to see what they see.

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