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Welcome to the new and hopefully improved 22 Words

By Abraham Piper

OK, I’ll be honest… I just Googled “welcome to the new redesign” to see if I could find out how other sites have introduced their new designs, hoping I could come up with some ideas for this post.

I see that Engadget and Mashable both released new versions of their sites at the end of last year and they introduced the changes with long, detailed articles about the changes.

That’s not really how I do things.

I suppose I could, but it’s one in the morning as I write this. Two programmers are currently working on the nitty-gritty stuff that will make this new site work…in theory. And I’m watching them go back and forth on Skype while I eat pumpernickel pretzel sticks and try to stay awake.

Anyway. Here’s the new 22 Words. We like it and we hope you do, too.

Even though the site is newly launched, we already have a list of improvements we’d like to make including speeding up load time and tweaking the posts’ organization a bit (so that you’ll never want to leave…MWAHAHAHA).

And, of course, there will be bugs. If you find any, we’d really appreciate it if you let us know about them. We’d also be very happy to hear any ideas you have to make the site better.

Otherwise, please carry on enjoying 22 Words. We really are thankful that you check this site out and we intend to continue enhancing it so that you’ll be excited to keep on coming back.


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