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What children picture when you say there’s a baby in mama’s tummy

Jan 21, 2011 By Abraham



  1. Brittany says:

    Hmmm… I don’t remember picturing what was going on inside of my mom, but I do remember inspecting her belly button VERY closely, not understanding how a baby could fit out of there haha! Ah, the tales parents tell children to avoid uncomfortable conversation…

  2. Claire Koenig says:

    I heard a child once ask what it was wearing …

    Kids do have a hard time picturing things. We once talked about somebody getting fired, and my child was quite frightened that this person had been burned with fire, as opposed to losing their job!

  3. tschiwi says:

    funny story:
    when my 3 year old daughter saw a pregnant wife on tv, talking bout her baby, (but she didn’t see the baby) it came to the following conversation:

    Sina:”dad, where is the baby?”
    Me: “it’s in the womans tummy”
    after a short while of hard thinking …
    Sina: “so, why did she swallow it?”

  4. Ribva says:

    Apparently when my parents had mentioned that I used to be in my mother’s tummy, I got rather angry and demanded to know why I had been swallowed! Hilarious and awkward in equal measure, I’m sure!

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