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What different breeds of dogs look like in their first 3 weeks of life [14 pics]

Apr 18, 2013 By Abraham

Photographer Traer Scott has a new book out simply called Newborn Puppies. It features studio portraits of all sorts of dogs with the one criteria that the subjects be less than 21 days old. Here’s a sampling…



Siberian Husky


Italian Spinones

Golden Retriever/Chocolate Lab

German Shepherds


American Staffordshire

Rottweiler/American Staffordshire

Irish Wolfhounds

German Shorthaired Pointers



(via GMA, My Modern Met)


    1. TDL says:

      no they didn’t. At first 101 dalmations showed them having no spots…. they showed them getting spots later when they were older.

  1. Jan says:

    Half of these are not ‘breeds’ – they are mutts. ‘Goldendoodle’ is not a breed, however much you’d like to think it is.

          1. Laurie says:

            ROFLMAO – let’s see how donald likes that one!! (a small ‘d’ donald – what can’t find the shift key)

    1. Joy says:

      Sooooo all dog breeds were pre-existing? It may not be an official “breed” yet, but it seems potentially headed in that directions

      1. KristenS says:

        The doodles are in fact breeds, but they’re deliberately not being recognized by the AKC because of the dangers in this country of registering breeds that are fads. For example: in the 90s, labs were the fad and became tremendously and dangerously overbred, to the point where the breed’s genetic flaws, most significantly hip dysplasia, became unavoidable. Just 3 years ago my parents went to a reputable breeder for a yellow lab, but the dog had such severe hip dysplasia that she required a full hip transplant at 1 year old, and she eventually needed to be put down because she was in so much pain.

        Dachshunds have similar issues, because of their faddish popularity. The US gets dogs for fashion statements and fads, and it has destroyed breeds in the past. The AKC is refraining from registering these new breeds in an attempt to avoid another instance of that.

        1. KimJ says:

          You can’t call it a breed until you have a 7-9 generation pedigree on a dog of specific breeding for a type of dog. Crossing different breeds to Poodles is just a designer dog. It is not a breed.

        2. Rita walker says:

          Doodles are BREEDS are they. They are NOT breeds. They are CROSSES. You are delusional if you think any thing crossed with a doodle is a breed. They are now breeding all sorts of doodle crosses. These dogs have loads of congenital problems. I know someone who bred her Labra doodle and she has 2 puppies with heart problems. Even the guy who bred the Lab and the poodle totally regrets it. He wishes he had NEVER done it. He did this because blind people wanted a dog which did not cast hair, because some blind people also have allergy to hair. This was the reason the Labradoodle came to be. But it DOES cast hair . THey will end up like the poor staffies, who now have such a bad name and are super little dogs. But people are now back street breeding and rescues are full of them. It really is just so so sad and totally irresponsible.

          1. Donna says:

            walzing matildas is a breeder of labradoodles they are multi generational. single generation would be a poodle and labradore mated. Her doodles are a least 10 generations from poodles and labs. There are no hip displaysa or genetic issues due to careful breeding and knowledge of the breeder. and its true that they do not want to be akc

    2. Scott says:

      The popular trend in the U.S is designer breeds, of which a golden doodle definitely is. I consider anything that is a cross of two pure breeds to be a designer breed. Any more than that and they are mutts, MINE is a mutt, but he’s the best mutt EVER!!!

    3. Addy says:

      agreed. until breeders have ruined them so much they can’t even give birth without intense medical intervention, they don’t qualify.

      (plus, these ones are MUCH cuter than either breed could ever be!).

  2. chezza says:

    Seriously mutts at pedigree prices is a rip off to people stupid enough to pay that much. BUT much worse for the dogs that are getting the raw end of the stick when they inherit all the problems of the breed!

  3. Betty says:

    I don’t know, it’s been a very long time but back in the 70’s we raised Weimaraners (papers and all the bloodlines were pure) I don’t remember them being that hairy or that color at birth, even the blues. Weimys have very short and very smooth fur. More like a “fuzz” at birth and they are quite solid in color whether grey or blue. These puppies are adorable but they just aren’t what I’m remembering in my mind’s eye. While I’m at– it Rest In Peace Baron Von Dustin you were a great friend!

  4. Jenni719 says:

    IMO, they missed the cutest breed for puppies- basset hounds. But my personal bias aside, the puppies are so cute!

    1. Jenni719 says:

      As I was typing this, one of my basset hound puppies was staring at me with his puppy dog eyes, trying to get my garlic knot!

  5. pat says:

    technically all dogs are mutts originating from the wolf and crossbred into todays breeds. the AKC makes the breed official

    1. Tink says:

      … in the US. There does exist a world, filled with all sorts of breeds and mutts, whose own countries might have their own rules about breeds, too.

  6. aninnina says:

    awww…so cute :0
    you forgot my two most favorites, though: Shetland sheepdogs (#1 favorite) and Cocker spaniels.

  7. Janet says:

    Irish Wolfhounds ftw! :) (but they’re all adorable) BTW, I dare the mutt v. breed people to tell me that an IW isn’t a breed!

  8. Irena M says:

    Hello Friends,
    I’m in a mental process preparing myself to adopt a puppy from Humane Society in a early spring. I know that it’s very emotional moment, because walking around their quarters you see all sweet and incredibly hugable creatures. And you want them ALL home. Having 2-bedroom apartment, large livingroom, marbles floors in all lobies, and small back yard, I’m thinking about two puppies, so they will learn early sharing foot, behave during meal time i sleep together and play together.
    And here is my question for help. Anybody heard abour Interenet galery where caretakers are puting in pairs one puppy and one say 2-years old (the same breed, so person like mi can decide thet this grown up is not going to be sudenly a gagantig dog, hardly feeting go my apartment and the budget. Maybe some sites have folderd wiih keeping acording to grow comforlable to in porticulary hause and woldn’t ovewhelmed antire famji, My choice wouldbe much easier to maki i I notised that adult dog is not drasticali bigger o wilder thet this puppy a I xchocen. What happinesz i would if we could left the Humabe Society that eveving with 2 well behaving guy and taki them to their Forewer home.So im the end I’m seekind any website with galery of dogd babies ans their grown up sibnjng.Thanki very much for advive and assistance,
    Ireba M Varela

  9. John Balog says:

    Given the vast array of health and temperament issues that are introduced by breeding for conformation to win AKC shows, the argument that non-purebreeds are somehow unethical is spurious on its face.

  10. Tracey says:

    are healthier and more socially sound than pure-breed dogs because the pure-breed dogs have been so inbred and raised in abusive puppy-mills. They force the mother to conceive over and over again until her body is spent. Diseases are very common because of the close quarters and poor/lack of medical attention. These pups are taken from their moms much too early (so she can give birth to more) and so these dogs don’t get the social interactions with other dogs and are thus they are often aggressive adult dogs. PLEASE adopt from a shelter or a reputable breeder- NEVER a puppy mill.

      1. Woofenstein says:

        Although I agree people should /never/ buy from a puppy mill or an unreputable breeder, mixed breed dogs are no healthier than purebred dogs as long as you are not buying/adopting one from a bad breeder or a bad line. Realisticly mixed breeds can be unhealthier than purebred dogs, by unfortunately getting health issues from both of it’s parents.
        It’s silly seeing people spread this just to support adoption (though others do it to defend against the designer dog fad). No need to misinform people simply to “prove” that mixbreeds are superior.

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