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What does 7 billion people mean for us and earth? National Geographic video

Dec 30, 2010 By Abraham

Watch this fantastic video from National Geographic for a better sense of what the number 7 billion means…



  1. brooke says:

    That was really great. And I like that they weren’t all “No one should have kids and people kill the earth” … in fact specifying that it isn’t space, it’s balance. That was very encouraging to this mother of 5 (largest family on our road), but with the smallest trash can on the road. :)

  2. Linda says:

    i liked this until they threw in the statistics about clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. i was enjoying it as a look at 7 billion and the history of and projected numbers of people on earth, so i wasn’t expecting and not so receptive to the agenda thrown in (not that hoping for and helping to provide clean water for our neighbors isn’t a very good thing).

    coming off of reading and being very struck by dicken’s christmas carol as a story (per the introduction’s author) not primarily about money and greed, but about isolation vs. community and relationship, i rather like that so many people choose to live by each other in cities. it’s just too bad we can become so easily isolated in these cities we live in.

  3. Bethany says:

    Wow, fascinating! I appreciated the same thing Brooke did about the video. We’re working on a big family as well, so it’s nice not to be condemned by yet another source. The reminder to live simply and help our foreign neighbors was very welcome here!

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