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What happens if the presidential election is a tie…

Oct 11, 2012 By Abraham

…which is far more possible than it might seem?

From C.G.P. Grey


  1. Sam says:

    Only one flaw in this: The Electoral College is made up of electors representing the number of representatives and senators from each state, thus 435 + 100 = 535, NOT 538, thus no tie is possible. It’s still possible for three or more candidates to each have less than a majority, so the rest of this process is accurate, up to the Vice President. The Constitution says the VP candidate with the most electoral votes (no majority needed) will be the VP. So, yes, we could end up with a President from one party and a VP from another.

    1. Shayne says:


      You’re forgetting that DC can cast electoral college votes, even though it doesn’t normally get votes in the House. When you read the Consitution, don’t forget to read the Amendments. The 23rd Amendment deals with DC voting.

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