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What happens when you microwave Ivory soap

Jul 21, 2011 By Abraham

Half of a bar of Ivory soap, before being microwaved…

And here it is after a minute and a half of nuking…

I’m going to give this a try next time the microwave needs to be cleaned anyway.

(via Wendolonia)


    1. Zina says:

      I agree, when the person said “next time it needs to be cleaned” I thought “Hmm, how dirty must it be before it “Needs” to be cleaned? Haha

      1. Courtney says:

        I’m pretty sure these pictures weren’t actually taken by author of this post. He’s simply commenting on his own desire to enjoy these shenanigans when his microwave needs cleaning.

      1. Nancy says:

        Me too! Looks like some kind of tomato product has already made a mess of that microwave. Obviously belongs to a man.

          1. Cheryl says:

            I think that tomato products would be insulted by you thinking it was they who dirtied the dirty microwave! Why it could have been a strawberry or cherry pie product of some sort!

          2. Veerle says:

            Indeed! I will have you know that I, despite being a woman, am very capable of disintegrating a diverse range of foodstuffs in a microwave!

    2. Petra Van Goor says:

      Really? You think that is bad? It’s a good thing you can’t see my microwave. When I last cleaned it? What do you mean? Cleaning a microwave on the inside? You’re actually supposed to do that?

    1. Tom says:

      Yep, it does. Only Ivory has little bitty air bubbles inside of it, and it reacts to the microwaves and expands.

        1. Jayme says:

          I did it once with some random hotel soap. It made my friend and i’s room smell disgustingly clean for the rest of the week. It WAS awesome, though!

  1. Kelsey says:

    I did this once when I was about twelve with a friend and we microwaved an entire bar of Dove. It looked like a souffle gone wrong and my house smelled terrible for about a week!

  2. Caitlin Metzger says:

    This is a really cool experiment, but be warned that any food you microwave afterward will taste like soap.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Finding additions for the cheap thrills list, that goes without saying!!Sometimes we have to explain the simplest things, geez

  3. Cave Johnson says:

    I have to say, this is funner than they lead you to believe. And it looks pretty damn fun from the pictures. Even better get a group of people together and show them. Everyone is like “WHAT THE…” the first time they see it, it’s almost as entertaining as watching the soap expand.

  4. Noemi says:

    I’ve tried this before, it works with any soap bar… my whole house smelled like Irish Spring for a week :)

    1. habbagabba says:

      Coming from a person with nothing better to do than troll the internet and leave rude comments ..

  5. jls says:

    Pretty amazing to see what happens after nuking Ivory soap. However, the inside of that microwave is so nasty that a bunch of soap isn’t going to make a difference. I think the microwave should be tossed and a new one purchased. Clean out your microwave regularly — after each use!!

  6. glmC says:

    Geeze. That it gross. I use Eco friendly Certified Organic soap. I wonder if that would marshmellow up. It is a microwave afterall. :D

  7. ... says:

    actually, when you microwave soap the molecules in it speed up because it is being heated up so when you drop it in water, the soap will FLOAT! thank you totally spies :)

  8. Becca says:

    Wait til Easter & try this with marshmallow peeps :) As far as it floating after, Ivory always floats.

    1. Katie says:

      If you use the chick peeps, and give them toothpick spears, they can have jousting tournaments. We do it every Easter.
      With kids off school this weekend Friday and Monday, I think I need to pick up several brands of soap and try this out.

        1. wannin says:

          I can’t find the ‘like’ button on the site I’ve stumbled upon. But I ‘like’ all the funny comments.

  9. oh no... says:

    This was the first thing I stumbled today…And I went directly upstairs got the soap and microwaved it. My wife is not pleased. But she thought it was cool so I should be off the hook

  10. Mom says:

    I tried it with 1/4 bar of Ivory soap for 30-45 seconds. It just smells like soap, no burning smell. The microwaved soap hardens and crumbles when it cools (pretty quickly). We just kept the crumbled soap flakes on a plate at the sink and used them to wash our hands that week. There is a recipe on another blog (raising a forest?) to make bath paint with the flakes.

  11. Frugalman says:

    This is a good test for whether to buy a particular brand of soap. The bigger the puff ball the more the air. More air = less soap. It’s amazing people still buy Dove.

    1. PR says:

      Not quite. The stuff is dry, not creamy, when it comes out of the microwave. When you touch it, bits just flake off.

  12. Denita says:

    Don’t nuke Lever 2000 or you’ll have it filling the whole kitchen. That stuff has even more air than Dove.

    That said, I’m sorely tempted to do this as a homeschool experiment for my son. I just need to justify it. ;-)

    1. Taby says:

      Hmm… Ok, if you need a reason then use it to learn about the scientific method:

      1) you need a question: “What happens when you microwave soap?”
      2) form a hypothesis: “If I microwave soap then ______ will happen.”
      3) plan an experiment to test your hypothesis: “Get soap, microwave it.”
      4) record results “When I microwaved the soap _________.”
      5) repeat. check variables. repeat…
      6) publish your findings. I recommend youtube, facebook, and here.

      I guarantee your son will remember the scientific method… or maybe just that he has the coolest Dad ever. Win either way.

  13. Peggy says:

    If you get cramps in your legs, get some Ivory soap and place it between your inner sheet and top one. Make sure that you remove the wrapping. I used to get cramps all the time and at precise moments of joy but not anymore. I do want to mention that if its cronic, you should consult with your physician.

  14. Hari says:

    Best comment thread ever, weirdos! I know I got a bar a Ivory round here somewheres. I lak carvin’ little soap dawgs

  15. Jp says:

    While this was really cracking me up, ?i worry bout the animal comments…..the world being what it is, I worry some psychotc person will find that funny enough to try it. :-/

  16. Julie says:

    This sounds so awesome!! Will try ASAP! AND BONUS! If it flakes after, I can use it in the laundry soap I make. Normally I have to grind or shred the Ivory for the mix!! So excited!! (Yeah, it don’t take much!)

    1. wannin says:

      And all friendly!! I love it. Still have a smile. But I do want to know what that woman does with the bar of soap that stops her leg cramps.

  17. Sheila says:

    erm…I must have been deprived as a child, I never wondered what would happen to bar soap in a microwave. I must go update my bucket list now.

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