What Holden Caulfield ate — Photographs of meals from famous novels

July 17, 2012 | By Abraham | 12 comments

Photographer Dinah Fried’s series “Fictitious Dishes” portrays meals that are described in famous novels as they would have appeared…

Oliver Twist

Moby Dick

Alice in Wonderland

The Catcher in the Rye

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

(via Huh)

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    1. T says:

      I also agree… And BETTER RESEARCH! Sweet n’ Low didn’t exist when Catcher In The Rye was written.

    2. Photographer Leia says:

      You call it awful lighting, I call it realistic lighting. People in novels didn’t carry light sets and reflectors about with them while they ate these meals. Also, I’ve always been a fan of shadows. The only ones that seem to interfere with the image itself is the last meal (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) since they make it look too busy.

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