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What if every March Madness game were won by the richest team? Here’s what would happen…

By Joey

Using data from the US Department of Education, the folks over at Mother Jones put together these unique March Madness brackets.

The first bracket shows who would win this year’s tournament if the teams with the highest athletic revenue won each game. As may be expected, the money bracket doesn’t look very different from what most people are predicting from the actual athletic bracket…

(Click each image for a larger version.)

NCAA Bracket 1

The second bracket shows who would win each game if the schools who spent the least amount per win were to advance each round. In other words, these teams had the highest win efficiency. While the first bracket is based on revenue, this one is based on spending.

As one might expect, most of the schools that do well in this bracket — humorously titled “Thrift Shot” — are smaller schools that don’t play in major conferences…

NCAA Bracket 2

Now that you know how much money your favorite schools spend, you can feel a little better about the money you’re losing as your office pool bracket falls apart — because you, like me, saw your bracket go bust with the first game as Dayton upset Ohio State.

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