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What Robin Williams hoped God would say to him in Heaven

Aug 12, 2014 By Abraham

From the vantage point of today, the pain in Robin Williams’ face right before the camera cuts away is all too obvious as he wistfully tells James Lipton what he hopes happens in Heaven if it exists…


  1. terrisampson says:

    I hope that we all have a Heaven that is like the movie Robin made, “What Dreams May Come”, where the power of love is able to overcome any obstacle, and we are able to create and live in the very best of what we can imagine…

    1. miri says:

      He committed suicide because of deep depression, which is a terrible disease. Of course G-d makes exceptions in such cases – I bet he will get credit for every bit of life he did live while depressed.

      1. crystal says:

        there are no “exceptions” when it comes to Heaven and Hell. either you’re saved and go to Heaven or you don’t, period! suicide or not, it’s the same for everyone

  2. Mr_N_Cog_Nito says:

    Robin Williams was an amazing man who brought much joy to the world. It pains my heart to know he had to battle with so much crushing pain.

    To address some who mention God making an exception for suicide: Of course God knows the heart of anyone who took their own life. He understands the pain that drove them to that path and knows exactly what they were facing. Trust in Jesus, who paid the price so that all who accept him will be with God in Heaven.

    I would also advise to pray for those effected by the death of Robin Williams and most of all, his family. God bless.

  3. Poop says:

    Robin Williams is in hell. God doesn’t make exceptions to suicides. You think his celebrity status matters on judgement day?

    1. JustSue says:

      Well Poop, you obviously have a different God. My God will even take you, and, if your pseudonym is any indication you have no celebrity status either.

  4. Josephine Crawford says:

    -After the big hug?! I think God has told him a good joke to welcome him.,starting with “Two Jews go into a bare etcetera…….All love…….

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