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What the police get called about in one of America’s richest towns [15 pictures]

Feb 15, 2013 By Abraham

Atherton, California is a town of about 7,000 people near San Francisco. The normal household has a yearly income in the hundreds of thousands and the median home price is over 4 million dollars. But living in the lap of luxury does not come without its troubles. Check out these selections from Atherton’s police blotter…

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    1. Jamal says:

      Nobody ever said anything about the ethnicity of the people who reported these problems. You think just cause these people are all rich they have to be white?

      1. Sheri says:

        Atherton, CA (2010 U.S. Census): Total Population 6,914

        White 5,565
        African American 75
        Native American 7
        Asian 911
        Pacific Islander 45
        Other race 95
        Two or more races 216
        Hispanic or Latino of any race 268

          1. Datafail says:

            Who said it was the whites who called it in? Could it have been other races? What we have here is racism, plain and simple.

        1. X says:

          So if you do the math, that is 1519 people of another race besides white. Thats about 22% of the population. So yes it very likely coulda been someone who wasnt white. Saying that it must be a white person doing this cuz their rich and bored is just as rascit and stereotypical as saying it must be a black person that robbed a liquor store. Unless you know the person that made the call, you cant say anything about race. Plenty of ultra wealthy black people.

          1. N says:

            Ultra-wealthy black people = rappers and professional athletes (and Nigerian princes).

            Asians have a strong presence, but we can assume they call the police about the same “white people problems” that white people do.

          2. Bob says:

            Of course there were people of other races. Who do you think were the delivery boys and the kids walking around with their pants down?

            (Trolling, of course, because this whole discussion is just too dumb to begin with.)

  1. McFuggin says:

    After reading #12 all I could think of was this Bill Hicks quote: “Yesterday some hooligans knocked over a dustbin in shaftesbury…”

  2. thucydides says:

    This will be the first town to burn when we finally overthrow the capitalists and their burgeoisie collaborators lol.

  3. B says:

    This totally reminds me of Louis CK’s skit about white people problems. Essentially, this is when middle to upper class white people have to make up things to be mad about since their lives are so perfect! I also recommend checking out #whitepeopleproblems on Twitter. Hilarious!

  4. CJ Wisdom says:

    Image #4, Redwood City: “A man disturbed by loud music entered a store where the music was playing,ripped out the speaker and then rejoined his companion on the patio for lunch.” WTF?! Can’t you just ask the store employees to turn the music down? Hope the store owner had him arrested for vandalism and destruction of private property, jeez!

  5. Stephanie says:

    lol, Wow, it gets to the point where they seem sarcastic in their reports out of sheer boredom “Women with finger caught in drain was reported to be alive and breathing”

  6. PECO says:

    These people need to expand their horizons, find something productive to do, experience life from another viewpoint, get a reality check from those in our world who have real problems. I know why some of the world’s population despise some Americans.

  7. Konraden says:

    Reading pretty much every other report on the blotter, I almost didn’t believe this to be true. Burglaries, assaults, shootings, stabbings, car jackings, and then a woman complaining about a car…passing twice…in five minutes.

  8. John Marston says:

    These are the kind of problems you face in a mostly white town. Add in a bunch more black and Hispanic residents and you’ll start seeing some real crimes being reported!

  9. littleminimany bellies says:

    I love them all, especially the one with the hawk in the tree.! I sure hope the lady with the finger stuck in the drain didn’t have to have it amputated…. now that would be something to write about. Here in England we would rob the drain cover and sell it for scrap!

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