What’s the Wildest Exotic Pet You Can Legally Own In YOUR State?

nimals are awesome. Exotic animals are even more awesome. This list, compiled by Pet Helpful, is a collection of the coolest, strangest animals that are legal to own in each U.S. state.

But with this list comes several disclaimers! First, the laws surrounding the legality of owning exotic pets change all the time, each state has their own, and they all have caveats upon caveats. If you're actually considering getting an exotic pet, do not rely on this list! Read extensively about the actual laws where you live. Some cities even have their own regulations.

Second of all, if you're going to give an exotic pet a home, remember: It's a wild animal. It's likely not going to have the same cuddle instincts as your golden retriever.

That said, you're allowed to own some wild wild animals in the U.S. They're seriously so cool.