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When siphoning gas, don’t steal from a cop car…and don’t post it to Facebook

By Abraham Piper

Last month, 20-year-old Michael Baker of Jenkens, Kentucky, thought he’d get his jollies stealing gasoline from a police car. He and his girlfriend thought it was such a riot that she snapped a photo of him posing, siphoning gas and giving the finger.

And then he posted it to Facebook, of course, because, hey, pilfering from the police is some good times…

The pic made its way around the community, eventually coming onto the screens and into the hands of the Jenkins Police Department, who responded with an arrest warrant and an arrest this past Monday.

Baker posted bail yesterday, so though the picture is no longer on his Facebook page, he himself is. And he’s having a good time, too, it seems… In response to a friend who hadn’t seen the pic yet, he posted, “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.”

(via The Smoking Gun)

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