Clueless Mom Asks To ‘Reschedule’ the Solar Eclipse, and the Internet Had a Field Day

n case you're living under a rock, a solar eclipse is heading our way on Monday, August 21. This solar eclipse is a particularly big deal because the total eclipse will be viewable across the contiguous United States in a path reaching from Oregon to Georgia.

Needless to say, people are pretty psyched to see the moon block out the sun for a few minutes. There are viewing parties all over the place, and many people are traveling to make sure they'll be in the eclipse's path at just the right time.

The Perot Museum in Dallas, TX is holding a free eclipse viewing party on the 21st between noon and 2 p.m, CDT. But that time didn't work for one clueless mom, so she asked the museum very politely to reschedule the sun.

Obviously, the Internet piled on this mistake in a glorious fashion.