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Why Jason Alexander still looks like he’s balding even with a hairpiece on

By Abraham Piper

When pictures like this came out…

…people started wondering what Jason Alexander did to get his hair back.

Enough people wondered that he posted an explanation. It turns out it’s a hairpiece. But then the obvious question is, If he’s wearing a wig why is his hairline still receding?

He answers…

The reason it looks thin is that I challenged my designer to make me a piece that would look very similar to the way I did 10 years ago. So, it looks like a guy who is losing his hair and isn’t an artificial mop of hair that I never had. The designer was dubious at first but he actually loves the look now. And the fact is that we are still playing around with the shape and density to make it as flattering and natural looking as we can.

And there you have it, folks. It’s not the juiciest bit of celebrity gossip, but it’s better than nothing.

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