The real reason the Irish didn’t bother Jay-Z and Beyonce when they visited Ireland

By Abraham Piper

In Ireland recently, Jay-Z and Beyonce went to a park with their daughter and, for them, a very odd thing happened — they had a peaceful time with no one harassing them.

Beyonce and husband Jay Z, carrying daughter Blue Ivy, enjoy family time at the Phoenix Park Visitors Centre's playground in Dublin Featuring: Beyonce,Jay Z,Blue Ivy Carter Where: Dublin, Ireland When: 10 Mar 2014 Credit: ****Not available for publication in Irish Tabloids, Irish magazines and Irish Websites****

Soon after, TMZ put out an obnoxious video saying it was because the Irish wouldn’t know who the two superstars were until 15 years from now. But these two guys want you to know the real reason no one bothered the celebrities…